About The Artist

Claire Hall always had a passion for art and design. She has been creating art ever since she was a little girl but never dreamed that she could turn her passion into a career.

Claire’s ultimate career path happened somewhat by fluke. When Claire was in her mid twenties, she uploaded images of her paintings that she had in her apartment to Facebook. To her surprise, she received over twenty orders for art that night. Claire took this as a sign, quit her “real job” within the week and has had a flourishing career in art and design ever since.

From the beginning, Claire rejected the “starving artist” stereotype and instead used both sides of her brain when structuring her business- she combined the logical left with the creative right. Claire is a savvy business woman and doesn’t credit her success to luck. Through hard work and persistence, Claire gained recognition in the art and design community. She has been featured as a small business success story by the Toronto Star, Staples, Purolator and VISA. Claire creates custom art for various clients including hotel lobbies, condo corporations, corporate offices, and private collectors. Her artwork has been featured on several episodes of Property Brothers and Buying and Selling. Prints of her artwork can now be purchased at Winners, Home Sense and Marshall’s.